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Copyright created by Freudenstadt Tourismus

Vacation in the Capital of the Black Forest

Freudenstadt is located in the Northern Black Forest and has

about 24.000 inhabitants.

Because of the unique and largest marketplace in Germany, which was designed and built

by Heinrich Schickhardt in the 1600s, many tourits visit us every day.

Not only form and size are unique, but also the archways of the surrounding buildings.

Our church is one of the few churches worldwide built in an L-Shape. The altar is located in the angle. Both church, marketplace and a lot of other buildings were destroyed during the second world war.

Yet still there are many historic places throughout our town. 

The town offers a large amount of culture and monuments, aswell as great shopping oppertunities.

All that is sourrounded by beautiful nature, inviting to hike and bike.



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